Our Stories

Forest Fires

Written by Margeaux Feldman,
Illustration by Wenting Li

A story about losing someone close to you.



Written by Aley Waterman,
Illustration by Julianna Brion

Three stories about nagging feelings.


This Body, My Body

Written by Ameema Saeed,
Illustration by Paola Saliby

A story about living in a body.

Creating Home

Written by Helen Yohannes,
Illustration by Nicole Miles

A story about finding your way home.

This Is Pleasure

Written by Erin Klassen,
Illustration by Erin McPhee

A story about getting off.


Written by Erin Klassen,
Illustration by Lauren Tamaki

A story about time travel and belonging.


Good Daughter

Written by Hana Shafi,
Illustration by Justine Wong

A story about refuting expectations.


Ordinary Love

Written by Phuong Nguyen,
Illustration by Gracey Zhang

A story about letting someone in.


Written by Kate Barss,
Illustration by Sophia Foster-Domino

A story about hiding out.


Coming Soon

A Good Life

Written by Jessika Hepburn,
Illustration by Jen Collins

A story about searching for identity.


Recess is for _______

Written by Frankie Barnet,
Illustration by Herikita

A story about talking to yourself.


The Rash

Written by Nada Alic,
Illustration by Paige Vickers

A story about being believed.


Written by Melina Mehr,
Illustration by Rozalina Burkova

A story about where you come from.


Coming Soon


Our Collections

On Healing

A collection from The Vault

On Pleasure

A collection from The Vault

On Mothering

A collection from The Vault