"There is a gorgeous and tantalizing future in publishing being paved for and by amazing and inspired women. With/out Pretend is with/out a doubt part of this spirited movement."

Ashley Obscura, Metatron Press


"No matter the topic, there is always radical honesty and warmth in the work being published by With/Out Pretend. Each piece demonstrates that being unflinching does not require that we be unmoved, and I am consistently hard-pressed not to have felt something shifted within myself at the end of each event, each essay, each interaction with these wonderful women. The Vault is a testament to the fact that although, yes, things may be terrible, we can and will make it through all the terrible things with honesty, laughter, and faith."

Ruchika Gothoskar, Managing Editor, Sophomore Magazine


"The work that Erin Klassen and her team have done through With/out Pretend and now with The Vault is vital. In a world where women - and especially trans women, queer women, and women of colour -  are still told that their feelings are irrational, over the top, and untrustworthy sources of information, to proclaim that "feelings can be art," is more revolutionary than we might want to think. It means so much to me to have my writing published in The Vault, a safe space where our feelings are held with all of the tenderness and reverence that they deserve. "

Margeaux Feldman, Writer & Educator



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