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Our secrets are safe here.

The Vault is home to intimate stories by women — our deepest thoughts, our darkest secrets, and our untold experiences worth sharing.



On Healing

With poetry from Faith Arkorful, Doretta Lau, Jen Sookfong Lee, Dacy Lim, Furqan Mohamed and Jenny Elizabeth Scoones. Personal essays by Erin Klassen, Najla Nubyanluv, Elizabeth Polanco and Erin Pehlivan.

Illustrated by Maggie Li, photography by fehn foss. Art direction by Erin McPhee.

There are as many paths to healing as there are ways to be wounded, and as many unique stories as there are people. But whether pain is cultural, ancestral, familial, corporeal, romantic, or any category in between, there is a common truth: healing begins with the act of acknowledging our hurt.

Turning our most vulnerable experiences into art gives us power, strength and a better appreciation of how to care for ourselves and each other. Through making art, our pain becomes tangible, and in that way, healing can be shared.

The contributions in this collection offer a window into what healing can look like when we are brave enough to name our suffering.

This collection is available in both digital and print forms.


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