Why are you making digital products?

With/out Pretend is privately funded by our founder: we don't currently receive grants to make this business run. Since print projects are expensive, we're trying out a digital subscription model as a way to support the artists and writers we love while keeping the lights on. If you're an analog person, don't worry, we're still making print projects too! 

How do you choose the writers and artists that you work with?

We trust our guts. We listen to our intuition. We actively seek out the stories that aren't being told. With/out Pretend is committed to working with woman-identifying people from all walks of life and backgrounds. 

Do you accept submissions for The Vault?

We sure do! You can find out more about the process for submissions here 

Does my membership come with X?

Not all our membership tiers are created equal. You can see our membership options and what they offer on our Join page here.

What am I getting when I download a story?

Every story comes with an editor's note, a long form piece of writing, and exclusive original art. Need to see to believe? Download one of our favourite stories for free here.

I only want to buy one story, can I do that?

You sure can, just head to your preferred story's page and there'll be a button to buy it directly. That said, we really love it when you become a member of The Vault through one of our membership tiers. Supporting us in an ongoing way makes it possible for us to plan ahead and bring you more of the beautiful work you love.

Why are your stories offered as PDFs instead of a website experience? 

We chose PDF because it’s a common format that everyone is familiar with and can be read everywhere. We want the work to be as accessible as possible, no matter what tools you're using to view it. 

Help, I am reading on my phone! This PDF is super hard to read!

We hear you! On your Downloads page you should see two options: Desktop Optimized and Mobile Optimized. Our art director is super-smart, so the Mobile Optimized version is perfect for phones. 

Why are there two options for each story on my downloads page?

We want your reading experience to be remarkable, no matter what device you're using. So we designed two different formats, one that's Desktop Optimized and one that's Mobile Optimized. The content is the same, just displayed differently. Choose your own adventure! 

I just signed up as a monthly member and only have two stories on my Downloads page. What gives?

Monthly Membership works like a magazine subscription. When you sign up, you'll receive access to that month's story, plus all the stories that come out each month afterwards, until you cancel your membership. We've also thrown in one of our favourite stories, Forest Fires, as a bonus story you'll receive no matter what month you subscribe. If you want access to all our past stories, our All Access Membership is probably a better bet for you! It's the same price as Monthly Membership, but paid up front. Feel free to cancel your subscription and re-subscribe as an All Access member.  

Why do All Access Members get more than Monthly Members?

Can we be honest with you? From a financial perspective, it's a lot more helpful for us to get your support up front - it means we're able to plan for the future and budget for bigger projects. We offer the Monthly Membership because we totally understand why you might want to pay a smaller amount monthly and cancel your subscription at any time, but - you caught us - we definitely want to encourage the All Access Membership by offering you fun bonuses. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time without asking us first. On your Downloads page, you'll see a notice that says "You can view your payment history and manage your payments here". From there you'll be able to adjust or cancel your membership.

How do I find my Downloads page?

Excellent question. If you can't find any emails from us with links to your Downloads page, click here to request a resend of your order email.

I have an issue dealing with my membership/downloading my stories/buying an individual story/something else.

Email us at hello@vaultzine.com. Please note that since we're a small (but mighty) team, we'll get back to you within 1-3 business days.