Keepers of The Vault

The Vault would not be possible without the support of patrons like you, who believe we should have more spaces for women's stories. While we are grateful for all of our patrons, we'd like to offer a special note of thanks to a few folks who have been particularly generous.


Mollie Coles Tonn

Margeaux Feldman

Jill Wood

Michelle Galletta

Robert Brunson

Brune Smith

Nikita Zook

Kari Beal

Ameema Saeed

Sofia Faga


Or Har-Gil

Julia Horel

Cree Norquay Field

Richard Klassen

Robin Snip

Anne Fleming

Denise Handlarski

Heather Mullins

Kristine Morgan

Emily Delbecchi


Sonja Seiler

Meghan Yuri Young

Kim Roach

Sheryl Veroni

Gillian Story

Susan Klassen

Madeleine Hayles

Isabelle Castonguay

Iris Karuna

Julie Doan


Liron Davis

Jessika Hepburn

Jennifer Spinner

Autumn Fox

Jaimie Archer

Alison Pascoe


Leora Eisen

Lindsay Gonder



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