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Featured Story

Good Daughter

Written by Hana Shafi, Illustration by Justine Wong

"Good Daughter" is a story of reckoning with divergence from a narrative that was written for you, long before you could even understand what it meant. What does it mean to be someone's child? The answer might be something you can feel but can’t really explain; something deeply lineal that you can trace down to the bone. It’s that line from Lemonade, by the poet Warsan Shire: “You look nothing like your mother. You look everything like your mother.”

"You can't base a life on the best intentions of others," Hana Shafi writes. In a story carefully unfolded like a well-worn map, a pilgrimage, Hana has wandered from paths of inheritance and duty. She is familiar with the territory travelled alongside her parents, the great yawning divide between them, and where they are now. The divide is being bridged.


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